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Web ​Privacy Policy: The ​following ​policy ​statement ​will ​be ​posted o​n ​our ​website​.


Inclusion ​Connection ​respects ​the ​privacy ​of ​visitors ​to ​its ​website​. ​We ​strongly ​believe that ​if​ electronic​commerce​ and​ online​ activities​ are​t to flourish,​ ​consumers​ must be ​assured ​that ​information ​provided online ​is ​used ​responsibly ​and appropriately​. ​To ​protect ​online ​privacy​, ​the ​organization ​has ​implemented ​the followin​g ​policy​.


About​ the I​nformation​ We​ Collect:

Most ​of​ the​ data​ and​ information​ we​collect​ through our ​website ​is ​used ​only ​to ​help ​us ​achieve ​our ​mission​. ​It ​is ​our ​policy ​to ​collect ​and store ​only ​personal ​information ​that ​our ​clients ​knowingly ​provide​.


From Casual​ Website Visitors and ​General Users:

We​ do​ not​ collect​ any​ personal information ​from ​users ​browsing ​our ​website​. ​When ​you ​use ​the ​public ​areas ​of ​our website ​you ​are ​doing ​so ​anonymously​. ​We ​do ​collect ​a​gg​regate ​use ​information​, such ​as ​the ​number ​of ​hits ​(​visits​) ​per ​page​. ​We ​use ​aggregate data ​for ​internal ​and marketing ​purposes​, ​but ​we ​don​'​t ​collect ​any ​personally ​identifying ​information​. ​


From Our C​lients​, Donors​ and Other​ Customers:

If​ while​ visiting​ our​ website​ you​ order​ a product​, ​register ​for ​a ​conference​, ​submit ​a ​technical ​assistance ​question, or ​request other ​information​, ​you ​will ​be ​asked ​to ​provide ​certain ​information. In ​all ​cases ​this information ​is ​submitted ​voluntarily​. ​In ​most ​cases​, ​we ​ask ​clients ​to ​provide ​their name​, ​title​, ​organization ​name​, a​ ddress​, ​telephone​, ​and ​e​-​mail​. ​If ​you​'​re ​making a ​purchase​, ​you ​may ​be ​asked ​for credit ​card ​information ​in ​order ​to ​complete ​your purchase​. ​Similar ​information ​may ​be ​submitted ​to ​us ​on ​an ​order ​form ​or ​registration ​form​.


Customer Lists:

Our ​client ​list ​is ​not ​for ​sale​. ​When ​you ​visit ​our website ​or become ​a ​client​, your ​name ​and ​mailing ​information ​will ​not ​be ​sold ​to ​a ​commercial ​organization​.


Credit Card Account I​information: ​

W​e ​utilize ​secure ​transaction ​methods ​when ​collecting ​credit card ​information ​over ​the ​Internet​. ​Inclusion ​Connection ​does ​not ​disclose ​credit ​card account ​information ​provided ​by ​our ​clients​. ​We ​submit ​the ​information ​to ​the appropriate ​clearinghouse ​in ​order ​to ​obtain ​payment​.


How​​ We Use C​ookies​​:

Cookies​ are​ small​ text​files​ that​ are​ sent​to​ your​ computer​ when you ​logon ​to ​a ​website ​that ​allow ​us ​to ​identify ​you when ​you ​return ​to ​the ​site​. Inclusion ​Connection ​uses ​cookies ​only ​to ​support ​the ​operations ​of ​our ​shopping ​cart. We ​do ​not ​use ​cookies ​to ​track ​your ​usage ​or ​any ​other ​personal ​information.